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Several people have asked me about the podcast I created that was pulled. Here it is.

This is the manuscript written for it in the first-person. I called that first episode "You are all funding Antifa and didn't even know it." Keep it mind it was to be a lighter format than an article, but regardless of the delivery, the information contained within is valid and pertinent.

Good evening everybody. Welcome to the show. This is “One White Girl’s Political Opinion.” Most of you know my face, but have never heard my voice before, because I’ve never done this before. It’s my first time, so go easy on me, and thank you for tuning in. I’m Andy Lee, and we have some big things to cover here tonight. Check your privilege at the door, get yourself a drink, let’s get started, and we’ll pop my podcast cherry.

So, it’s been a busy month here in Canada. A big month. Protests, pastors, polls, Bill-C10, Antifa, and yes, finally a budget. All the good stuff. Now, a lot of these subjects have been touched on independently by right-wing media, so they might be familiar to you, but while you may think these topics are separate issues, trust me, they are not. They are all very much interconnected. I’m here today to show you how.

So, the budget. The first one delivered in over two years, created by the first female Minister of Finance Canada has ever seen. Chrystia Freeland. I’d like to point out that women have never been known for being on time, and I’d suggest we consider that right off the bat next time we choose a finance minister if we want an occasional glimpse into our country’s financial state.

It’s a “feminist” budget. None of us know what that really means, but we are all about to find out. I once said that Chrystia Freeland is suffering from a fiscal psychotic break, and it’s never been more readily evident than in this document, with platitudes presented over a whopping 724 pages containing very few economic applications. And if she’s a feminist, god help all women. This is a government that deserves to have the entire #metoo movement mobilized against it, and then some.

But, I digress. This budget reads like a non-profit special interest manifesto, not a country’s economic recovery plan. Why this government just can’t do anything normally is beyond me. Everything always needs to be sliced and diced into categories, and we all know their specialty is of course, race. In any event, I’m going to look at a few of the goodies in the budget, and tie them back into some of the goings-on in my neck of the woods... Alberta.

There is a group, which you may or may not of heard of before: the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. It sounds like a good thing, right? Who wouldn’t be for anti-hate? Who could be against anti-hate?

We all should be, because they are anything but what they claim to be. If anything, they are pretty much all for hate. They perpetuate it.

What they are really is a special interest group which is well-funded by the federal government to promote anti-conservatism and racial fear. By doing so, they pave a yellow brick road for the Liberal Party to introduce legislation which would suppress opposing viewpoints, namely Bill C-10.

Sounds far-fetched?

Consider the inception of the group.

Anti-Hate Network is a spin off from a group founded in the United States, called Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC). The association’s mandate is stated as being: A catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy. Something we’ve heard an awful lot about here lately in Canada.

They, like Anti-Hate Network, claim to be “tracking hate”. They even have an interactive “hate map” where you can track what sort of “hate group” you would like to follow by region, or if you prefer, ideology.

Now, while there are legitimate hate groups included, as with Anti-Hate Network, such as the Proud Boys, what both are mostly tracking is social conservatism, and by extension, Christianity. If you go on the group’s website, you will see numerous posts attacking social conservatives, right over top of the logo of the Government of Canada. We know that Justin Trudeau is no fan of Christianity. He’s done little to hide that fact. I called him out publicly when he wished Canadians a happy long holiday weekend in April. The holiday, which he didn’t even bother to mention, was Good Friday, the second largest Christian holiday in existence. His failure to name the day was a slap in the face to Christians all over the world. It is no surprise then, that federal funds would be funnelled to groups witch-hunting social conservatives, who are generally by and large a rather religious bunch.

We’ve seen ample example of witch-hunting right here recently in Alberta, as pastors defying lockdown orders to hold service are tracked down like dogs. Jagmeet Singh landed himself in quite a bit of hot water when he equated anti-lockdowners with far-right extremists to the offence of many. And while it is undeniable that there is a link, we also know that every extremist group always catapults themselves onto legitimate movements to blend in. They camouflage. The insinuation was very badly received by the public, and was rather unfair to those who were protesting the loss of their livelihoods. Hardly a worthy comment from a self-proclaimed “man of the people”.

So in 2018, under the Justin Trudeau government, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network was created, with funding provided to them by none other than the federal Government of Canada. You and me. Us. They have since received numerous grants courtesy of Canadian taxpayers, from Minister of Creating Diversity Between Canadians, Bardish Chagger, and Minister of Heritage and Criminal Activity, Steven Guilbeault. Steven is also the noble champion of the new censorship Bill C-10 which was tabled here recently in Parliament.

Incidentally, BMO also is a big contributor to the Anti-Hate Network. They made a large donation last year. When Anti-Hate received this donation, they put a notice up on their site. Part of their funding initiative stated was to “Create free educational materials for teachers and parents to identify radicalization in youth and prevent it.” This is important later on. Remember this, people.

Now, I’m sure this is a total coincidence, but BMO also manages Trudeau’s blind trust inheritance. What are the odds of that?

By now, you may or may not be able to guess where this is headed. If you haven’t figured it out, you will have to bear with me. It’s a tangled little web to weave, as most corrupt government tales are.

So, EKOS Research was commissioned to conduct a poll by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, or by the taxpayers if you prefer, because we actually pay for everything. The goal of the poll was to determine if we wanted, and/or needed to be saved online from none other than ourselves.

If you aren’t familiar with EKOS, it is a polling firm run out of Carleton University. If Carleton sounds familiar with Twitterers, it’s because a Liberal member recently posted a picture of Conservative Minister of Jobs Pierre Poilievre, wearing a black Oilsands Strong hoodie with a raised fist on it, claiming that it was a symbol of “white supremacy”. Ironically, the sweatshirt was worn in support of a Metis Indigenous oilsands operation. I quickly put in an order for several sweatshirts, and highly encouraged everyone else to do the same. Sometimes, doing your homework and research pays off, Carleton. Maybe lay off Twitter.

Anyways, Carleton is in Ottawa, and the firm was founded by Frank Graves. Graves has run into trouble with Conservatives in the past, being accused of skewing research polls, Liberal bias, and he had to issue an apology after stating that the Party "seems to provide a haven" for people with xenophobic or homophobic views. Coincidentally, EKOS is one of the never, ever, ever biased CBC media’s polling firms of choice. That would be the self-professed non-partisan Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Recall that CBC launched a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Conservative Party Of Canada, whilst having the gall to simultaneously moderate a Leader’s debate in 2015. If that is not the very definition of having a “conflict of interest”, then I don’t know what is. The lawsuit, which never had a chance in hell to begin with, was just crushed in court. One for the good guys, at last.

Now this EKOS poll determined that Canadians found that 73 per cent of respondents believe online hate speech and racism is a problem in Canada. If you considered the amount of discrimination flying out of the PMO’s office, I would say those results were accurate. But that’s not what it was talking about.

They posed the question: Would Canadians support stronger measures to monitor, limit and remove online content deemed offensive? After an overwhelming majority of Canadians felt the correct answer to that question was “yes”, major amendments were made to Bill C-10, and full-blown authoritarianism was off to the races in Canada.

So, we have liberal “anti-hate” groups, pollsters, and Canadian legacy media, all pushing the ideologue that conservatism is synonymous with white supremacy, and using tax dollars to do so. We have a government that peddles reverse racism in everything it launches.

Why? Put it this way. If you wanted to push a bill that would infringe on citizen’s Charter rights and freedoms, and grant yourself absolute censorship powers, how best to do that? Create a narrative of hate, inciting mass hysteria and fear centring around discrimination that hardly even exists in the bulk of the populous.

When you a critical mass of racial polarization, you can manipulate the masses at will, which is the ultimate goal of the Liberals. They simply do not want us united, because a people united can be a dangerous thing for autocratic dictators. And now, the Liberals want to increase this sort of “programming”, also known as brainwashing, via Bill C-10 by dictating content. As a mother of two mixed-race children, I can say that this is no longer the country I want to raise them in. I thought they would grow up colour-blind and live to see true equality, and now it seems they will have race shoved in their faces at every opportunity. This is not my Canada.

Our federal government is tricking us into rooting for censorship against ourselves, in flagrant violation of our own Charter rights, with our own money, and we are inadvertently helping them stick a rolled up news magazine down the throat of freedom by parroting the answers they want to obtain via their polling. Answers that will justify their means to an end.

For those of you not familiar with Bill C-10, it was introduced last year with the intent of regulating Canadian content. It would supposedly give national media parties a leg up against large foreign corporate competitors. While proponents argue that there is nothing to be concerned about, and that it will not censor personal social media, that is simply not true, especially when you consider the source. This wokeministry has a longstanding history of picking away at the freedom of expression.

Steven Guilbeault said that “the only people who are opposed to this Bill are extremists”. Steve, being best known of course for extremism by scaling the CN Tower in a wizardly display of eco-terrorism, and being arrested for the not-so-noble green cause. Forgive me for not trusting this sort of typical leftist pretzel logic pearl of wisdom. Now, caving to pressure, Steve has explained that there will be further amendments forthcoming to the bill to protect individual’s social media rights, which we have yet to examine. We will take a look at those changes next time.

There is some evidence that this secretive little gang has had it out for free speech for quite some time. Rewind back to fall of 2020. In France, a teacher was beheaded for displaying a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed. In typical Trudeau-style, and not one to miss a chance to offend a fellow world leader, Justin stated that there are “limits on free speech”. It was an utterly unreasonable response to a national tragedy aiming to sidestep landing in a puddle of Islamophobia. The stunning display of ignorance in favour of political correctness gone awry was of course condemned, and while he later apologized for the lack of humanity shown, he also doubled-down and reiterated that “freedom of expression is not unlimited.” Enough said.

Catherine McKenna also came under fire more recently when she bizarrely tweeted “Resistance is futile.” Quite a fitting message, drawing a parallel between the federal Liberal government, and a race of self-described super-human beings who had a group-think cult collective, and were all for genocidal tendencies. Keep in mind, CNN’s Jake Tapper coined an entire term for this cult-like phenomenon. The blind following of Trudeau has now fittingly been deemed TruAnon. So after those sorts of statements, this government is saying they are not aiming for online public compliance and free speech repression? I’m just not buying it, especially when you consider that there are a whole lot of images floating out there that our Liberals would love to scrub, like say, um, blackface?

Now, back to Anti-Hate Network. If I asked you would fund Antifa, would you say yes? No chance in hell, right? If you want to see what sort of increased quality programming we can expect to see assuming Bill C-10 is passed, look no further than CBC. Last year, they aired a Fifth Estate documentary they did on the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, called “Confronting Hate”. The show explained how we had Antifa (yes Antifa), informants luckily on our side tracking down hate groups in Canada. Ironic, isn’t it? That is the group that is best known for trying to roast people alive in burning buildings. And we, the taxpayer, are funding this nonsense. Shocking, isn’t it? This just shows the willingness of our government to jump on board with special interest groups that support them without a concern for their ulterior motives. Or perhaps, as I’ve brought up, they are jumping on the racial bandwagon on purpose, because it suits their needs.

The bomb on this Fifth Estate show was dropped when CBC, in typical incompetent CBC style, allowed a badly blurred individual to be outed as one Kurt Phillips. Philips, who is on the board of Anti-Hate directors, is also furthermore a teacher in Drumheller, Alberta. That’s right. We have an Antifa-sympathizer teaching our children in public schools. Now, I do believe that people have the right to a private life and hobbies outside of their workplace. His hobbies however seem include stalking Christian pastors. One wonders what sort of a balanced education the kids must be receiving nowadays. Circle back to the “educational materials provided” for teachers. Concerned? We all should be. I never asked an Anitifa informant and sympathizer to introduce material into my children’s classrooms, nor would I ever want one to. I consider taking an opposing stance on Antifa to be a soundness-of-mind test. Not to mention the fact that it is questionable of our Liberals to be funding planted materials in our public schools, which are a provincial jurisdiction. We talk a lot as Conservatives about the broad indoctrination of our children, and it’s not just a conspiracy theory anymore. It’s god’s honest truth. It’s happening.

Then to boot, we also have our national broadcaster, well-funded to the tune of over a billion a year, with an extra 21 million pinky-sworn in by our feminist extrordinaire Freeland in our budget, defending a designated terrorist organization which tries to BBQ human beings in Portland.

I personally put my own child in private school, at great personal cost, to avoid exposure to this sort of parasitic liberalism that is running rampant through our public school system. I’m going to get into some of those classroom materials in another cast. Don’t forget, parasites harm their hosts. I suggest all of you do the same, pull your children from public schools if at all possible. Our children deserve better.

Interestingly, along these lines, True North put in a request to Minister Bill Blair’s department, asking for a listing of groups with Antifa ties and requesting to see any briefing notes on these groups. The request came back with no records shown. There is a breadth of data and groups added to the far-right movement, yet no ticks are racked up on the far-left.

There was a report released in 2019 called the Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada. In this informative little gem of a document, the word “right-wing” appears 11 times; meanwhile, the word “left-wing” does not come up at all. Anything to tie the right to white supremacy, extremism and now, terrorism. The government appears to be wearing blinkers when it comes to far-left radicalism, and ignoring the dangerous movement that is Antifa altogether. Indeed, they, which really means we, are actually indirectly funding the support of it.

We know Anti-Hate Network is pro-Antifa. They make no effort to hide it. It’s not a secret. They also, like Antifa, tend to take matters into their own hands. They stalk churches that are peacefully gathering, posting videos afterwards boasting of their harassing endeavors. I’ve even seen car chases on Kurt Phillip’s site. Car chases, people. Seriously. Some of these individuals being harassed may have questionable relationships to groups linked to white supremacy, that is true. I'm also not advocating for the defiance of public health orders which is being shown by pastors at this moment, but it is quite something to see a government funded organization engaging directly in vigilantism. And the Liberals are continuing to build this organization up, brick by brick, with our tax money through grants.

Anti-Hate’s tentacles also stretch out much further than Canada, far and wide. All the way to the other side of the planet, actually. On their site they posted an attack article against a prominent Twitterer which most of you will know. Ian Miles Cheong, @StillGray. Naturally, they call him a member of the “far-right” for having conservative views. One of his specialties is pointing out the reverse racism dished out by the federal Liberal government. The funny thing about this is that Ian is based in Malaysia. Malaysia. Imagine wanting control of internet information so badly that you fund a group with taxes to go after a person in a far off frigging country. The Liberals aim to neutralize any threat possible and have no qualms about the cost of doing so. It is no wonder we have a trillion dollar and counting deficit on our hands.

This, this agenda is what many of these racial-representative groups are all about. Helping our government reign in control over what we are able do, by pushing legislation through and discrediting dissidents. Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Propaganda, got nailed again once it was shown that he paid lobbyists $375000 to oppose anyone speaking out against Bill C-10. The lobbying group was the Coalition for the Delivery of Cultural Expressions of Montreal, or CDCE. We do so love to toss cash at the funding leech jewel of Canada, Quebec. Again, we are throwing stack of bills at these groups which operate under the guise of inclusivity, but have an end game that looks like civil oppression seen only in communist countries. A short visit to their site will show anti-conservative messaging front and centre, in favour of Bill C-10. An article at the top is named Bill C-10: Conservatives Sacrifice Culture on the Altar of Partisanship. The claim is that Conservatives are not for the bill because they want to cancel cultural content, particularily in – wait for it – Quebec. A rich statement from a group that actually advocates cancel culture. It is not entirely surprising that the Bloc Quebecois have decided to back Bill C-10. The more goodies for Quebec in exchange for free speech repression, the better.

The liberalism infection will continue to be spread far and wide, if we stand for the silencing of people, as in every day Canadians, reporters, and free-press journalists like me. If Bill C-10 passes, and survives the inevitable court battle ahead of it, let’s just say it’s been real nice knowing you all. There is an excellent chance, despite the numerous legal reasons it shouldn’t, that with Bloc support that the Bill will fly. It will be interesting to find out who is in what pockets that day on our Supreme Court Bench.

To recap: Our tax dollars being abused for the very best of censorship work against conservative viewpoints. First they create the demand through an overblown hate crisis, and then, then, when they try to tighten the vice on our freedoms, they will say it’s for our own good, all the while regulating what we can see, hear, and eventually, how we think. It’s akin to subliminal mind control.

It is so important to be able to examine individual elements and make connections. Once you begin questioning things, you can’t unsee those inquisitions. Find the common ties that bind. Look for the hidden agenda, because it is always there. In this case, the common link is the villification and repression of conservative voices. Amongst ourselves, we ponder why Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are still in power. The reason is simple.

The Liberal Party of Canada, and our favoured state media mouthpieces, outlets like CBC, aided and abetted by skewed "research" polls, are actually making “fake news” a real thing. The people who aren’t asking the right questions lap it up and vote for more.

Now, I started with the budget, and I’ll end with it. It is massive, messy document full of virtuous promises that won’t be kept, but for some. Our PBO, maybe one of the last nonpartisans left in Canada, has decried it as an utter failure. Hundreds of millions of dollars are going towards groups that preach diversity and equality but do not own it. Groups like Anti-Hate, advancing the leftist troops slowly but surely, one step at a time, against conservatives. There are more organizations with their hands out playing the race cards popping up all the time. Think about it. Look hard at these organizations, keep your eyes on them, and every time, you will see the not-so-subtle art of skewing conservatism in an unsavoury manner.

Don’t forget, Chrystia Freeland wrote in her book ‘Plutocrats’ that “political decisions helped to create the super-elite in the first place”. What is our government trying to create here in Canada with the introduction of freedom-repressing legislature? Only time will tell.

It’s a dark place that we are diving into headfirst. A very dark place. An election may soon be thrust upon us, and with that comes an opportunity for a course correction. But, should we lose, don’t forget. Resistance is not futile, McKenna. Not ever. We will not assimilate. We will not cower. We will not be silenced. Live long friends, fight for your rights, and prosper. I hope you enjoyed the show, don’t forget to leave some feedback, and maybe I’ll see you next time.

Goodnight, Canada. Until next time, this is Andy Lee, signing off.

April 2021.

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Feb 25, 2022

No doubt about the so called Anti-Hate Network ... Gov't funded propaganda and Evan Balgord of ANTIHATE.CA is involved.


I had the very distinct pleasure of DOXXING Evan, so I too no longer have a Twitter account. I'm the sort that likes to Speak the Truth, so it was not a great loss.

Feb 25, 2022
Replying to

... Evan Balgord.


Bernie Farber and Aubrey Cottle are also on My List.



Feb 12, 2022

Excellent, thought provoking. Right under our oblivious eyes.

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