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The Great Canadian Witch Hunt - Part Two

Supporters of the Freedom Protest Became Targets of Persecution by the Progressives. This Inspired Me to Initiate a Witch Hunt of My Own. Trudeau versus Truckers - The Battle of the Donors Continues.


Numbered corporations are a creative tax workaround. Incorporation is a mechanism used often by businesses to take advantage - legally - of lower corporate tax rates. Many Canadians utilize this to their advantage, setting up a corporation, or perhaps a series of corporations, to maximize their savings.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Justin Trudeau did it.

Recall however that he also claimed, while taking advantage of this setup himself, that business owners were "tax cheats". He unabashedly denigrated the backbone of our economy, our working class, for using the same system of incorporation that he did.

"We have to know that a large percentage of small businesses are actually just ways for wealthier Canadians to save on their taxes and we want to reward the people who are actually creating jobs." - Justin Trudeau

Justin's own personal web of corporations, now held in a blind trust (which I'm sure nobody knows absolutely anything about) came under heavy fire after he became Prime Minister. House of Commons debate records show that on November 1, 2016, the following was put forward by NDP Member of Parliament Charlie Angus:

"The Prime Minister's notion of small business in the last election was that it was a tax dodge for millionaires. I was really shocked at how someone could be so out of touch on small business. He was talking about how millionaires set up front companies to avoid paying taxes. He would certainly know, as he set up three of these companies to his benefit: 90562 Canada Inc., which held his securities and investments; 7664699 Canada Inc., which was his personal holding company that listed $958,000 in short-term investments and $255,000 in cash; and JPJT Canada Inc., which brought in about $1.3 million over that period."

It would that seem Justin Trudeau and his legal investment team have a fairly good handle on how to take advantage of corporate structures for maximum tax benefits. Agreed?

Then how in the hell did it come to be that 7664699 Canada Inc. - solely owned by the Prime Minister of Canada - ended up holding a "significant investment" in another corporation that was dissolved for failing to comply with filing rules pursuant to the Canada Business Corporations Act? How could this happen?

Well, it did.

90562 Canada Inc. was legally dissolved in 2013. JPJT Canada Inc. was also legally dissolved in 2011. Justin Trudeau was the director of both. A third shareholder company, 9190-0563 Quebec Inc., is jointly owned by Justin Trudeau and his brother.

The corporation named 764699 Canada Inc. also continued to operate, and is still active. Justin Trudeau was the sole owner of the company, and it held some unusual investments. It was placed into a blind trust along with the rest of his personal financial assets with BMO Harris Private Banking in Montreal in 2012. According to The National Post, Joël Carrier, vice-president of the company, is now the sole director of 7664699 Canada Inc., safeguarding the company in place for Trudeau while he fulfills his political duties (and please if there is a god may they be short-lived).

A Globe and Mail article stated that according to disclosure filings with the Ethics Commissioner, Trudeau earns dividends from 7664699 Canada Inc., his personal holding company. This is not unusual in and of itself. It's pretty standard actually.

The odd part of this arrangement is the incestuous relationship it has with another company that is related to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. His personal holding company reportedly holds a noteworthy stake in another company that was controlled by one Louise Houle.

Louise Houle has been the secretary of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation since 2001. She is also a donor to the foundation. A well-heeled lawyer from Montreal, her website biography states she is "an experienced lawyer in the taxation team, whose practice focuses on tax and estate planning, especially for families holding real estate in Canada," and that she "also advises wealthy families on matters pertaining to trusts."

It seems like she should know what she is doing.

She was the sole director of 176078 Canada Inc. - the company Trudeau held a significant stake in. Presumably, if he was earning dividends, he was also earning money from this mutually beneficial arrangement, and that this company in Louise's care must have had tangible assets in it, correct? Justin Trudeau's brother, Alexandre, also has a shareholder arrangement with the same company, invested in by his own holding company 7664737 Canada Inc.

I know this is a tangled mess. Bear with me.

I decided to check in on Louise and the company in her care after discovering she was a donor to her own place of employment. The company our Prime Minister and his brother have a large interests in. 176078 Canada Inc. was incorporated in 1990. It never missed an annual filing as far as I can tell, a requirement laid out by the Canada Business Corporations Act. Until something strange happened.

According to a CBC story, 176078 Canada Inc. was established to hold the assets of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. We don't know exactly what assets were being held or their exact value. It appears Louise came on the scene as the director on January 10, 2014.

Just over a month later, she signed the directorship over to Alexandre Trudeau, on February 28, 2014. Odd. Alexandre is of course a director of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and works with Louise. There is an argument to be made here that since the company was no longer held by a third party but by a family member, Justin would be able to access insight into the inner workings of his blind trust. It's a concerning arrangement, and one that should be subjected to an ethics inquiry.

Even odder is what happened next. After failing to file annual returns with the government, the company under Alexandre was then dissolved for non-compliance under Section 212 of the Canada Business Corporations Act. Section 212 states that for a federal corporation, Industry Canada will dissolve the company if documents required by law are not filed after a year. 176078 Canada Inc. was given several years and did not comply with the requirements. This is fairly serious. So basically, a company our Prime Minister is invested in was not complying with federal corporate legalities. We have a massive problem here Canada, and it isn't racist, misogynist, violent truckers. It's corruption in our highest levels of governance.

I contacted Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, which gave the order to dissolve the company for non-compliance, to ask if they knew anything about what became of the company that apparently held the assets of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and what would have happened to those assets after the company Justin Trudeau is invested in violated federal rules while Alexandre Trudeau was the sole director of the company.

They said they simply didn't know.

Checkmate, freedom donor hunters.

Andy Lee.

Twitter permanently banned me without reason. Please share with #SaveAndy.

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Robert C. Christian
Robert C. Christian
Jan 11

The companies are the primary and secondary shareholders in a third private corporation, 176078 Canada Inc., set up in 1995 to hold the assets of their father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

This company was set up by Pierre and held assets that he owned, which were to be delivered to both boys automatically so they wouldn't spend it

Some of the inheritance was held off because Pierre thought they may spend it unwisely, so he created a corporation that divided the assets and slowly gave them their inheritance over time.


Robert C. Christian
Robert C. Christian
Jan 11

The boys were given shares in 90562 Canada Inc., the federal corporation that held Trudeau’s portfolio of securities, managed by Montreal investment firm Jarislowsky Fraser.

This was all laid out ages ago through the ethics commission.

Justin’s company, had assets worth $1,242,522 as of August 2011, according to a statement prepared by accounting firm BDO.

90562 Canada Inc., which held his securities and investments (this was dissolved after it was given to them by inheritance)

7664699 Canada Inc, which was his personal holding company that listed $958,000 in short-term investments and $255,000 in cash (this is held in blind trust by BMO)

So this is held in Blind Trust. Trudeau does not manage it or see the assets. So yo…


Robert C. Christian
Robert C. Christian
Jan 11

You have have got the Ax from twitter for posting disinformation.


Jill James
Jill James
Apr 13, 2022

Elon might cancel your TW ban once he's taken control of the company.


Mar 09, 2022

Logically, they would have stripped the assets before allowing those corps to be dissolved. Dissolution happens because it's cheaper to just not file than to do a wind down.

The strip would have had to either have been via dividend (most likely) or payment for services (unlikely in a Holding company). A loan or other type of movement of cash would have given rise to an asset in place of the cash - this would potentially trigger a taxable gain in the hands of the receiving corp upon dissolution.

Most likely - a dividend passed through a trust to another numbered company to avoid taxation. Said numbered corp could well be 764699 Canada Inc. - 100% speculation bu…

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